About Us

Welcome to Ancestry Tours Poland!
We are a legitimate company and travel operator registered in Poland,
and happy to show you the beauty of Poland and nearby countries.


We work all over Poland

As a company, we are based in western Poland but we are undertake and support genealogy research and ancestry tours all over Poland. See Poland with us!


Understand their times

The history of Poland (as well as Europe’s) is complicated. We like history and we can explain it to you in an easy way. We will help you understand the historic period when your ancestors lived, and if they left, why they did.


Precise Answers

We give you precise answers backed with facts and documents. Our commitment to research urges us to go as far as possible to track your origins. Sometimes even back to the seventeen hundreds.

Your comfort and time

Our tours are tailored and designed to meet your needs. Our aim is to give you maximum quality of travel together with , best sights. Everything at a reasonable and enjoyable pace of travel. No big groups. Just you and your family!

Who we are

We are small family company which is constantly developing thanks to You. Our company is legally registered as a travel operator Great Tours Tomasz Laskowski. Ancestry Tours & Poznan Tours - are our brands which are visible to the world.

Tom says, “When I starting working as a guide in Poznan a decade ago, I never thought that tourism can be so filled with joy, emotions and happiness. But one day, a family from the US asked me: "Can you check my roots in Poland and maybe find living members of my family?" So I did. After hours of research, we held a family re-union :) Gosh, it was amazing to bring together people who haven’t ‘seen each other’ since 1885! Our emotions? Beyond imagination”.

Now, more and more people are asking us to discover their ancestors/ roots in Poland, which is great!

We don’t like Mondays much, but… the pleasure and joy that goes with all the discoveries are so big that we are happy to say: I love my job!

Let’s meet on a business basis first and I am hoping you will leave Poland as a friend.

Do you wish to find your past with us?

Do you wish to see Poland?

Simply contact us and let’s see what we can do together!

Our Great Team

Reliable people knowing their business

Tomasz Laskowski
Tour guide Poland/ Genealogy Researcher

As a founder of this company I wish to deliver you great memories, proper research data and make your trip to Poland special in every single way. When you book a trip with us I will be your guide, translator and genealogy specialist helping you to understand your family background.

Trip planner Poland / Route specialist/ Driver

At Ancestry Tours we wish to show you both land of your ancestors and Poland’s best sights. I am planning trips around Poland making sure that your comfort goes first. My job is to design your trip to Poland to give you the best experience from our beautiful country.

Translator /Genealogy Researcher

Genealogy might be sometimes hard and twisted but with my knowledge and experience I am making it easy to understand it for you. I am able to discover, obtain and read most of the records available in Poland. As long those were not destroyed during IIWW.